Moving Supplies - Fort Worth

Why buy your moving supplies from Bell Brothers Moving?

  • We can help you determine the types of supplies and quantities that are best for your move.
  • Packing materials can be delivered prior to the move date. The $25 delivery fee will be waived for the first order, with a $100 minimum of supplies. The delivery fee starts at $25 and will be based on mileage to the delivery location.
  • We will buy back all unused boxes.

Moving Boxes & Crates

L x W x H Box Type Price
16 x 12 x 12"
Book Box
$2.50 ea.
18 x 18 x 16"
Medium Box
$3.50 ea.
18 x 18 x 24"
Large Box
$4.00 ea.
18 x 18 x 28"
Dish Pack 2xWall
$6.50 ea.
40 - 70"
Flat Screen TV
$35.00 ea.
70" +
Flat Screen TV
$45.00 ea.
37 X 3 X 20"
Small Pic Pack
$6 ea.
37 X 3 X 33"
Large Pic Pack
$7.50 ea.
L x W x H Box Type Price
24 x 21 x 46"
Wardrobe Box Purchase
$17.00 ea.
24 x 21 x 46"
Wardrobe Box Rental
$10.00 ea.

Moving Blankets

Used to prevent knicks, scratches, and breakage.
Rental available.

L x W Blanket Type Price
72 x 80"
Furniture Pads
$12.00 ea.

Padding – Newsprint Sheets, Paper Pads & Bubble Wrap

Newsprint Padding – A low cost alternative for wrapping dishes, glasses and miscellaneous items. Keeps your belongings clean and your hands ink free.

Bubble Wrap – available for more delicate pieces like china, stemware, and crystal.

L x W Padding Option Price
24 x 36"
30 lbs of paper
$35.00 ea.
60 X 72", 3 ply
Paper Pads
$2.50 ea.
12" x 300'
Small Bubble
$50.00 ea.


clear, aggressive adhesive

L x W Tape Type Price
2" x 55 yards
$3.00 ea.

Shrink Wrap

Use to bind, bundle, and fasten when moving or storing.

L x W Type Price
18" x 1500'
Clear Stretch Wrap
$30.00 ea.


L x W Size Price
Twin box (1 piece)
K/Q box - universal*
K/Q box - pillow top
Twin bag
Queen bag
King bag

* (2 piece telescope)

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